Sunday, March 29, 2009


Our sexy Models turn to mythology for inspiration.
Presenting the
Gods & Goddesses of ELIXIR

Monika Hykova - Pan, goddess of Flocks enchants with the ELIXIR Silver
Rockit Bra and Black Gloves

Damiana Babcock - Athena, goddess of War is wearing ELIXIR Latex TubeTop
and Cheek Shorts

Gagi Binder - Athena, goddess of War defends the universe wearing ELIXIR Latex & Rubber Darkstar Set

Gabe Bookmite - Pluto, god of Death is electrifying in ELIXIR Rubber Window Suit frame, White Rubber Gauntlets, Latex Cheek Shorts, Mens Latex & Mesh Shirt and Black Kevlar Shoulderpads

Zia Zobel - Sparta, god of War charges forth armoured in ELIXIR Red Latex V-Crop Jacket, Slung Miniskirt, Long Gloves & Thighighs.

Alea Lamont - Venus, goddess of Beauty
stikes a breathtaking pose in ELIXIR Latex Violet Bandana Top, Black Hipsters, sheer V-Crop Jacket, Shoulderpads and Rubber Window Suit frame

Kailyn Bravin - Cupid, goddess of Love is delicious in ELIXIR Black Latex V-Crop Jacket, Rubber Cling Top & Silver Rockit Thong

Saren Inglewood - Ares, god of War awes us in ELIXIR Red Kevlar Shoulderpads, Mens Latex Pinstripe Pants and Black sheer Hipsters

Zak Escher - Zeus, Lord of the Sky, gods & Thunder conquers the vulnerable
while wearing ELIXIR Black Rubber Mens Undergear Shorts, CJ is in ELIXIR Black Rubber Women's Cling Top, Undergear Bikini and Mesh Wrap

Catrike Alcott - Voluptas, goddess of Pleasure relaxes in Elixir Latex and Silver Rockit Set, Black with Red Trim

Katerinia Anatine - Aphrodite, goddess of Love is wearing Elixir's Latex Red-Black Bikini fitting her like a glove

Ginseng Salamander - Eos, goddess of the Dawn wakes up the world in
ELIXIR Latex Red with Black Trim Rockit Set

Sookie Fhang - Pele, goddess of Fire wearing the sexy ELIXIR Latex sheer
Black Raincoat and Hipsters. Handle with care!!!!!