Sunday, March 29, 2009


Our sexy Models turn to mythology for inspiration.
Presenting the
Gods & Goddesses of ELIXIR

Monika Hykova - Pan, goddess of Flocks enchants with the ELIXIR Silver
Rockit Bra and Black Gloves

Damiana Babcock - Athena, goddess of War is wearing ELIXIR Latex TubeTop
and Cheek Shorts

Gagi Binder - Athena, goddess of War defends the universe wearing ELIXIR Latex & Rubber Darkstar Set

Gabe Bookmite - Pluto, god of Death is electrifying in ELIXIR Rubber Window Suit frame, White Rubber Gauntlets, Latex Cheek Shorts, Mens Latex & Mesh Shirt and Black Kevlar Shoulderpads

Zia Zobel - Sparta, god of War charges forth armoured in ELIXIR Red Latex V-Crop Jacket, Slung Miniskirt, Long Gloves & Thighighs.

Alea Lamont - Venus, goddess of Beauty
stikes a breathtaking pose in ELIXIR Latex Violet Bandana Top, Black Hipsters, sheer V-Crop Jacket, Shoulderpads and Rubber Window Suit frame

Kailyn Bravin - Cupid, goddess of Love is delicious in ELIXIR Black Latex V-Crop Jacket, Rubber Cling Top & Silver Rockit Thong

Saren Inglewood - Ares, god of War awes us in ELIXIR Red Kevlar Shoulderpads, Mens Latex Pinstripe Pants and Black sheer Hipsters

Zak Escher - Zeus, Lord of the Sky, gods & Thunder conquers the vulnerable
while wearing ELIXIR Black Rubber Mens Undergear Shorts, CJ is in ELIXIR Black Rubber Women's Cling Top, Undergear Bikini and Mesh Wrap

Catrike Alcott - Voluptas, goddess of Pleasure relaxes in Elixir Latex and Silver Rockit Set, Black with Red Trim

Katerinia Anatine - Aphrodite, goddess of Love is wearing Elixir's Latex Red-Black Bikini fitting her like a glove

Ginseng Salamander - Eos, goddess of the Dawn wakes up the world in
ELIXIR Latex Red with Black Trim Rockit Set

Sookie Fhang - Pele, goddess of Fire wearing the sexy ELIXIR Latex sheer
Black Raincoat and Hipsters. Handle with care!!!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


CJ Escher in ELIXIR Latex Violet Camo Hipsters & String Black Camo Tank snuggles up to her favorite guy, Zak Escher who's wearing ELIXIR Latex Mens Sheer Black Camo Tank & Hipsters with ELIXIR Grey Rubber Biker Gloves

Kay Fairey & Aris Earnshaw blast out the airlocks in HER ELIXIR Latex Sheer String Red Camo Tank, Black Camo Hipsters, Red Corset Belt with ELIXIR Enameled Black bracelets & choker and ELIXIR PLASMA Boots. HIS ELIXIR Latex Mens Black Camo Tank, Black Camo Latex Sheer Hipsters and ELIXIR Enameled Violet bracelets

Double your pleasure with sexy Catrike Alcott & Ginseng Salamander, wearing ELIXIR Latex Sheer Camo Hipsters and StringTanks. Cat's is the red camo, while Gins' is the pink.

Sharing the sunset, Saren Inglewood is in
ELIXIR Latex Black Camo Hipsters & Tank while his dear partner Kytheron Decosta lounges in ELIXIR Latex White Camo Hipsters & Tank - Yen to his Yang

Sweet Rebecca Genzer in ELIXIR Latex Blue Camo Hipsters & String Tank with her beloved Mistress Rose Gabe in ELIXIR Latex Black Camo Hipsters & Red Camo String Tank

Phinneas Vella and Xander Reyes embrace Phinn's ELIXIR Latex Sheer Pink Bodysuit, Black Camo Hipsters & Mens Black Camo Tank, while Xander struts in ELIXIR Black Kevlar Shoulder Pads & Pink Camo Hipsters

Ro Ro Ro your boat in Ms. Winkler's wild combination of ELIXIR Latex Leopard Crop Jacket and Latex Black Camo Hipsters