Thursday, December 18, 2008


Looking for her Tarzan is the lovely Kay Fairey, Elixir Latex Wide Tie Top
- Black, Latex Tube Top - Leopard solid and Latex Leopard Cheek Shorts

Cassio Covrale wearing the ELIXIR Mens Rubber Window Suit in Leopard, relaxing on the rocks in the evening sun.

Meow Infinity goes wild in ELIXIR Leopard hipsters, Leopard Bandana Top and Latex long gloves.

Krystalfyre Saphir seduces in ELIXIR Latex Hipsters - Leopard, Latex Corset, Batwing Lingerie and Enameled Bracelets in black.

Rocket Jefferson is fierce in ELIXIR Leopard Mens Latex T-shirt and Leopard Mens Latex Hipsters

Twin Kallisti Burns fire up the room in ELIXIR Latex Zebra Bikini, Latex Rockit Pants and Sheer Latex Bodysuit - Black, Elixir Latex Raincoat - Sheer Black and Latex Cheek Shorts - Black

Gagi Binder defends against all invaders in Elixir Sheer Leopard Latex Crop Jacket and Leopard Hipsters

Rebecca Genzer goes tropical in ELIXIR Latex Leopard Hipster, Rubber
Window Suit-zebra, Rubber Gauntlets - white, Latex Tube Top - white sheer and Kevlar Shoulder Pads - white

Saturday, November 15, 2008


ruby69kill moonites is at full strength in ELIXIR GI Jane Battle Crop-tops
& ELIXIR GI Jane CAMO Shorts

Bren Betts is to die for in the ELIXIR Rubber Window Suit-M-Red

Sin Vesta in a PG-13 version of the Elixir Rubber Window Suit black top and Elixir latex black hipsters

Cassio Corvale
works it in Elixir Latex & Mesh Shirt and the Latex Pinstripe Pants. "I love this outfit! It's very popular where I dance, definite increase in tippage when I wear it. "

Saren Inglewood returns in ELIXIR Kevlar Shoulderpads- Black
ELIXIR Latex Pinstripe Pants & Mens Latex Kini-Black

The very sweet Kymberlie McCullough shows a sexy side in ELIXIR Latex TubeTop black solid & ELIXIR Latex Slung Miniskirt, Rockit Gloves-black+red and ELIXIR Latex Thighighs-black

Monika Hykova: when I want to look cyber & sexy-punk the piece I love is the raincoat remembering the Blade Runner movie. ELIXIR Raincoat, Cheek Shorts and ELIXIR ROCKIT black latex gloves. With the makeup and hair style, I would be a sexy Replicant!

Sir Hagdrisil Shilova
surveying from the upper deck of the InSpired MaDness club. Chill-axing clothes: ELIXIR Latex & Mesh Shirts- Red, ELIXIR Latex Pinstripe Pants-Black

Krystalfyre Saphir is stunning in the ELIXIR Rubber Window Suit zebra, the Latex Thighighs - sheer black, with ELIXIR Enamelled Bracelets, Choker and Garter

A tip of the hat to Victoria Cathcart in ELIXIR Batwing Lingerie Black, Latex Mini Dress & ELIXIR Raincoat Sheer Black

Rocket Jefferson delights in ELIXIR Men's Latex T-Shirt pink & ELIXIR Men's Latex Pinstripe Pants white

Gagi Binder stands out in ELIXIR Latex Bodysuit Pants, Latex Tie Top-Red & ELIXIR Latex Sheer V-Crop Jacket-Black

Rebecca Genzer in her favorite ELIXIR Purple Sling Bikini

Saturday, October 4, 2008



Here is Saren Inglewood in ELIXIR Latex Pinstripe Pants-Black and ELIXIR Rubber Window Suit-M-Zebra

Ethan Watson
is wearing ELIXIR Latex ROCKIT Set minus the Rockit Fins and the bras LOL!

Dashing Rocket Jefferson in 2 outfits:
ELIXIR Latex KINI - Black and ELIXIR Latex Hipsters - Black

The adorable Japa Navarathna in ELIXIR Latex Raincoat-Clear, ELIXIR Latex Black Cheek Shorts, ELIXIR Latex Violet (sheer) 1-Piece, ELIXIR Outpost Boots, ELIXIR Batwing Bra Black

Ro Winkler is wearing ELIXIR Sheer Bodysuit red and for a special effect ELIXIR Crop Jacket I think its a very sexy outfit : ))

Our very special Sati Lumet is decked out in the ELIXIR clear Raincoat, ELIXIR Rubber Window Suit - Zebra, and ELIXIR Latex Thighighs - sheer black.

Gunslinging, oh so sexy Gagi Binder is in 2 outfits:
ELIXIR Latex clear 1-piece, ELIXIR Latex pink V-Crop Jacket, Hipster pants
ELIXIR Latex clear 1-piece, ELIXIR Latex red V-Crop Jacket, Hipster pants(guns optional!)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Welcome to Elixir Fashions!

ELIXIR Fashion is a creator of Latex, Rubber and other exotic clothing.