Saturday, November 15, 2008


ruby69kill moonites is at full strength in ELIXIR GI Jane Battle Crop-tops
& ELIXIR GI Jane CAMO Shorts

Bren Betts is to die for in the ELIXIR Rubber Window Suit-M-Red

Sin Vesta in a PG-13 version of the Elixir Rubber Window Suit black top and Elixir latex black hipsters

Cassio Corvale
works it in Elixir Latex & Mesh Shirt and the Latex Pinstripe Pants. "I love this outfit! It's very popular where I dance, definite increase in tippage when I wear it. "

Saren Inglewood returns in ELIXIR Kevlar Shoulderpads- Black
ELIXIR Latex Pinstripe Pants & Mens Latex Kini-Black

The very sweet Kymberlie McCullough shows a sexy side in ELIXIR Latex TubeTop black solid & ELIXIR Latex Slung Miniskirt, Rockit Gloves-black+red and ELIXIR Latex Thighighs-black

Monika Hykova: when I want to look cyber & sexy-punk the piece I love is the raincoat remembering the Blade Runner movie. ELIXIR Raincoat, Cheek Shorts and ELIXIR ROCKIT black latex gloves. With the makeup and hair style, I would be a sexy Replicant!

Sir Hagdrisil Shilova
surveying from the upper deck of the InSpired MaDness club. Chill-axing clothes: ELIXIR Latex & Mesh Shirts- Red, ELIXIR Latex Pinstripe Pants-Black

Krystalfyre Saphir is stunning in the ELIXIR Rubber Window Suit zebra, the Latex Thighighs - sheer black, with ELIXIR Enamelled Bracelets, Choker and Garter

A tip of the hat to Victoria Cathcart in ELIXIR Batwing Lingerie Black, Latex Mini Dress & ELIXIR Raincoat Sheer Black

Rocket Jefferson delights in ELIXIR Men's Latex T-Shirt pink & ELIXIR Men's Latex Pinstripe Pants white

Gagi Binder stands out in ELIXIR Latex Bodysuit Pants, Latex Tie Top-Red & ELIXIR Latex Sheer V-Crop Jacket-Black

Rebecca Genzer in her favorite ELIXIR Purple Sling Bikini

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